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My name is Jennifer and I love the markets and fairs of France, the sights, smells and chatter.   I love trawling through a market thinking there is nothing to be found, when you happen upon the perfect something you love.  

I also love the simple and sophisticated french interior style.  From the chic simplicity of a Parisian apartment, to the traditional charm of a rural idyll.  The eclecticism of mid-century modern.  Industrial mixed with the worn, used and faded.  I especially love the inimitable feel of a french country house; a seemingly simple look, yet very hard to achieve.  

I travel to France several times a year, buying for my customers and my little store Vintage Finds, in Brisbane, Australia.

I love sharing what I do, and so am organising a 4 day tour of the addresses I go to in Normandy and in the Paris Puces (flea and antique markets) in St-Ouen and Clignancourt.  If you'd like to come with me please contact me on email to register for my mailing upate on the tour.

Come with me on my journeys and I’d love to hear your comments along the way!

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