Friday, August 3, 2012

Vintage fabric cushions

Some of my vintage french flour sacks and vintage fabrics, I have made into lovely cushions.  The vintage flour sack material has been well-used and worked for so much of its life it is a perfect light duty upholstery fabric - strong but quite soft.

I have turned the red triple stripe ticking into a 30 x 50cm [2 in stock] and the vintage red stripe flour bag material into a 40 x 40cm [2 in stock].

What do you think?

also pictured Armadillo&Co Entrance Mat size large 50cmx140cm

I also had a vintage linen table cloth that I have made into some linen 40 x 40cm cushions.

Some are plain beige vintage linen [7 in stock] and some are beige with a square of contrasting texture of flour sack material [2 in stock].  All the inners are made from eco-friendly 'Innergreen'TM recycled fill.

The grain sack linens are likely to date from between 50 and 150 years old, some have even been woven by hand.  They usually bear initials on the sack, and have differing stripes - so that once the grains were milled and put into the sacks, the filled bags were distinguishable and returned to the right family farm.  Later bags are machine made and stamped with mills and regions.

Usually hand stitched at the sides, they can be opened up easily to become a tablecloth, cushions, curtains, upholstery or many other ideas! 

I have more of this fabric arriving on a shipment [cross those fingers - any day now!]. Once it arrives I will post these fabrics on the blog so if you have a specific combination in mind I can make them to order.

I am also keen to recover one of my vintage chairs in this, as per my previous post (here) of the stunning beach cottage on the Cornwall coast of England.

via Living Etc
I also have two complete red striped grains sacks in stock - if you have your own project you are planning for these!  Cushions and Armadillo&Co rugs are in stock at Woolloongabba today, and also available for order via the web.  Email me for pricing and details.

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lights, lighting and shadows

As promised I am showing all the wonderful 'colonial' touches where we stayed in Kruger National Park.

I loved the bathroom most of all.  On the first night we arrived, a candlelit bath awaited when we arrived back in the room.  Romantic? Yes...But.  With two little boys in tow, they took one look in each adjoining room and decided the two baths were for two boys and so that was that!  But it did mean that we had a good half hours peace while they happily played!

The colonial style was so far from what I am used to - it really made me feel like we'd gone somewhere different!

I did love the silver touches everywhere - it really did feel like the family heirlooms had been packed and we were now playing house in the wilds of Africa!

I loved all the silver touches in the rooms and especially in the bathrooms, it made it feel so intimate and special.

Our rooms had outdoor showers (in a very private arbour covered courtyard) which were such a visual delight outside the bathroom.  I didn't try it, but the boys did and think it's the best bathroom they've ever used!

I just loved how the privacy of the courtyard allowed for a large glass window to let in so much light and the wonderful shadows it played on the lime rendered walls.  Just magic!

And speaking of lighting, so many vintage styles of kerosene burners, new and old, gave a wonderful ambience to the campsites when the sun went down.

Each evening safari was finished off with 'sundowners' - a drink of your choice, wherever you were in the bush, to watch the African sunset.

Although most of my photos of the stunning bush camp by candle light are blurred - try to take 'serious shots' after a round of sundowners! - I think you get the idea just how magical the dinners were.

I have used the silver touches and sunset drinks, as inspiration for my 're-design' of our living room at home.  I have found a silvered tray in a middle-eastern homewares store, and teamed with some lovely decanters I had 'put away', they are now just waiting for the week-end when we can again enjoy a drink and watch the sunset from our living room!

Have you taken some inspiration from your travels, and instilled it into your home?  I'd love you to share the details!


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