Tuesday, April 24, 2012


To source my 'vintage finds', I travel to Paris twice per year, as well as scouring local auctions for vintage items nearer to home in Brisbane, Australia!

I am planning my next buying trip and so to draw some inspiration have thought I would share with you some of my travel snaps from last year .....


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Coming this week....

Stock has been getting a little low in my Woolloongabba store of late.  A flurry of buying at auctions and overseas suppliers means I am getting back on track!

These haven't arrived yet, but I am checking deliveries daily....forgive me but I couldn't wait to share!

Quite a few of the vintage chairs, lighting and little one-off pieces I source for clients, don't make it to the shop floor.  If it is for a special order, once I have sourced the piece it usually gets delivered directly to my client, and so the shop customers don't always see some of the great things I've managed to source.

The letter press wood blocks below were a special order for a client who has gone with something else.  My gain though, as now I'll be able to put this in the shop.  It's a complete set of 40 wood blocks.  All the letters, numbers and punctuation shown in the photo.  The patina is different on each as they have been in use.

Danger sign... why? ... just because I couldn't resist.

Love the letter "T" and the vintage '50s typewriter to the side reminds me that I have one that needs cleaning to put in the store.  Ahhh.. best get on to that!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Items in store this week....

Here are some of the items I have in the store at the moment.

Love to hear your thoughts on them!


Embossing Tool, black with gold flowers

Hornby Train and Hornby Car
Weights and Measure, Four hole punch, Wood and brass hand-level

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Autumn Showers....

Autumn showers seem to have settled in Brisbane.

Our first Easter holiday week was DIVINE sunny weather with many of our friends having escaped to the beaches.  Not so this past week, a cool change came through and today is a very showery Saturday.

I don't mind the rain though - in fact I love the way it makes everything fresh and clean and new.  It's all about perspective I guess... living in Brisbane, Australia we have a very sunny climate so a cooler change makes us instantly think of cosy interiors, log fires and delicious hearty food!

Paris in rain

I especially love it when I am in Paris on a buying trip as a rainy day just means a cosy cafe with a creamy chocolat chaud [hot chocolate] or café crème and all the people-watching your heart could desire!

Vintage wooden Paris Cafe Sign

But right now, I'm going to try a warm hearty recipe from kitchen maven Donna Hay that she sent through this week - just sounds delish.  I love to cook, so although mine will taste great, I won't post a photo of my version as hers will always look much better!

Donna Hay Spicy Sweet Potato Quinoa and Speck Soup

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Room du jour

{image via Vogue Living}

Monday, April 9, 2012

French Country Style...

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!  I have had a lovely break with family over the holidays - and hope you have too. 

I have been attempting to start this blog for about 6 months now!  Can you believe it?  I thought it was going to be harder, take longer, be more complicated that it actually seems to be!  I have taken the proverbial 'bull by the horns' and just started!  There is really no other way!

Donc ... je commence!

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