Friday, January 31, 2014

Top Tips for Creative Thinking

Votre sante est a Vichy, René GRUAU (1960)

School went back this week after summer vacation.  The house may seem empty without my boisterous boys, but my mind is noisy - full of everything I want to do now that I have working hours to myself again, and I am in 'back to work' mode.  

But all I can think is where do I begin? 

I love instagramming, but lets face it - there's nothing very interesting about a week that has been filled with back-to-the-real-world tasks such as haircuts and dental appointments ... now is there!  And I am searching for a creative inspiration to kick off my projects.  I have mountains of emails to reply to: with requests of items to source, and (thankyou!) emails to reply to about the brocante tours I am planning.  

Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia
I can't seem to find the inspiration to kick off my year! Are you the same?  So what do you do when you are in creatively stuck and need some help?
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