Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer comes to London in a day....

I have popped over to London to take in a few markets, and voilà summer is here!

Rainy days gone, cold days gone, overcoats and jackets .... you guessed it ... gone!  Parks are full of joggers, spirits are high, sunshine abounds.

I have by pure chance timed my quick sojourn with not only the fabulous weather, but also with the preparations for the Queen's Jubilee next week.  Oxford Street and the stores surrounding are swathed with festive 'union jack' bunting.  And of course I loved the Liberty store in London' take on the festivities (teacups and bunting below) and their exhibition on 'Arts and Crafts' Furniture - personally one of my favourite furniture styles.

For breakfast I went to my friends' favourite cafe, a Notting Hill gem Granger and Co (175 Westbourne Grove),  only to discover it was Australian restauranteur Bill Granger's London restaurant! Good food and great coffee - would thoroughly recommend.  I have happened to eat in a few Paris cafes run by Australians too... and will write another post on this ... great to find good coffee so far from home!

Hopefully the weather keeps up, while I continue with the sourcing back in France in a few days!


'Bunting and Teacups' Liberty store,  London

Oxford Street, London

Roof of St Pancras Internation train station,  London

Hyde Park

Granger and Co, Notting Hill

Rainy morning ... café morning ...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Normandy Finds ... On the hunt ...

A quick post to share some of my finds in Normandy last weekend.   Sometimes when I am searching things are presented so beautifully, I just want it all!

And other times it is literally finding a hidden gem in a outbuilding or a haystack of furniture!

And then, there are some absolute treasures the owners just won't part with!

Either way - find things - I do!  And here's some of the gems I have found so far.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A few days in Normandy

I have just spent the most delicious few days in Normandy with my new friends.  I stayed with Sharon Santoni who writes the wonderful blog My French Country Home.  We were a force: racing around in a van for two days to so many brocantes!  Have had the absolute best fun with a like-minded soul who also enjoys fossicking in endless out-buildings as much as I do!

She and her family were just so wonderful and welcoming.  And I made a special friend with Gibson, the family's dashing Golden Retriever.

Gibson helping me update the blog
Each morning Gibson would sit in front of le camion (the van) and not move.  Stupid dog you think?  Hardly! Ever so clever!  He knew we were not going to move until someone came and took him away, and he was hoping we would relent and let him come with!

I also enjoyed several days of her and her husband's divine french country home cooking, which went a long way to nourish a travel weary soul - both severely jet-lagged and physically tired from the days criss-crossing the Normandy countryside.

A wonderful start to two weeks sourcing some great finds in France!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Lazy Sunday in Paris....

I have just had the most delicious but hectic few days in Normandy, but more on that later.

I am three days into this trip and have covered so much ground already.  With jet lag subsiding, I really just want to stop and enjoy being in Paris!  It is Sunday and time for letting the pace drop and to enjoy a little indulgence....

What better way than to stroll through a couple of Paris brocante markets.  The people watching is as much fun as the vintage finds.  And Sunday is such a perfect day to stroll....

After a cool morning walking around, the rain came pelting down and I was happy to tuck up in my hotel all warm and dry and catch up on emails and browsing my favourite blogs.

The sun has now come out, and much too nice to stay in, so I am off once more in search of a cafe with WIFI.

What an indulgence ... what better office ... sitting in a cafe in Paris for the afternoon ....


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Goodbye beach .... for a little while ...

The weather has really turned now in Brisbane.  Autumn is fast turning to winter, which means having the odd warm day here and there has gone.  Bye, bye beach weather.... hello cool but sunny days and crisp clear nights.  Bring on crackling log fires, hearty soups and toasted marshmallows!

Hope you're enjoying the change of seasons as much as me....


Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day ... Framed Poster

Stunning sun-shiny yesterday in Brisbane and again today.  I hope everyone had a chance for a little lie-in yesterday with a cup of tea brought to you in bed - mother or not!

I must admit it is my favourite day of the year - when my two little boys proudly present gifts to me that represent their taste and individuality!  The Mother's Day stalls at their schools do a great job - the boys are always so proud of what they have chosen and keen to tell me the reasons why.... and just as keen to see me wearing it!  This bodes well for their "other halves" in the future - that they both like selecting jewellery~

I have a new vintage framed Bally poster in store at the moment.  This one is huge - 167cm x 122cm and I can imagine it looking amazing as a feature at the end of a hallway, or a focal in a room.

I thought it may have meant "j" for jeune (youth) - thinking they may have introduced a new look.  Having chatted to some of mes amies françaises (my french friends) they have a different take on this.  One idea is 'j' for jambe (leg), which does make sense!  Another bonne idée is that it means sale day -  jour is often used when talking about the bi-annual sales.

Whatever it was originally designed for, it's one of those 'vintage finds' that I actually had to wrestle with myself to put in the shop rather than keep for me~!  It's at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre now.

I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday.  And if, like me, Sunday became a hectic day of kids sport and visiting, I hope you found a quiet moment today to enjoy!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Here and away ... ici et là

Yes, I have been remiss in my blogging obligations for a week or so!  Have been busy with preparations for the upcoming buying trip, and making plans for both here and overseas while I am away.  My darling husband is going to 'work part-time' while I am away; dropping the boys to school in the morning and then picking them up in the afternoon and taking them to their after-school activities.

When I go, I usually have a meticulously-organised and very complex web of pickups and drop-offs - with help gratefully accepted from our friends and parents!  Mon mari has passed on all this and wants to go it alone and spend this time with his boys.

It's hard to think that for two weeks they will be fine without me!  And meanwhile, as busy as my overseas schedule is, I will be missing them each like crazy....

Anyway I promise to post lots more over the coming weeks.  There will be so much to see and share! Markets in Normandy, food and coffee and hopefully opera in Paris, and friends haunts in London.

More soon!


Markets from past trips

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