Friday, November 23, 2012

Do I dare paint my wood floor ... Part 2

So, now we have done it, and as promised I have photos to share.  I am just amazed that it has worked so well.  Very pleased with the end result, and it still remains so functional for us!

As you can imagine, this back entryway area ends up being the logical dumping spot for school bags and assorted sporting equipment, as we come into the house.  And it also had a tendency to be quite dark. 

With the change to a white floor being so much brighter, now it just so lovely that I feel like I am 'stepping into the light'!  Such a change.

French vintage wooden coat rack from country fair in Normandy
I can't quite set aside practicality, just for looks.  

So I have installed a multitude of hooks, racks, hat shelves, and shoe baskets to store and hang everything that would otherwise live as a pile of obstacle course apparatus on the floor.  

And I purposely didn't install doors on the 'locker' style cupboards.  If I did, everything would land in front of the doors and not make their way inside to the hooks!

1950s french bamboo mirror
There are also different styles of vintage bamboo mirrors from France, which I have grouped together.  A couple needed new glass and the others still have their old and vaguely mottled patina.  Hung together like this they work really well for adults and growing children of various heights for a last minute check as they walk out the door! And to me I love the textural interest reflected down our hall.

This has been a drastic change for us.  Have you tried something that worked really well for you, better than you first thought?

 {all images Vintage Finds}


  1. WOW Jen, I love this, everything about it actually. Adore those mirrors grouped together on the wall, and the contrast between the wood and the painted floor. You really have a beautiful home

    1. Thanks Sharon! Coming from you I will just have to accept that compliment. You have such beautiful taste. Looking forward to seeing what you decide .... Jen

  2. Beautiful home Jennifer, love the internal leadlight also! Looks great and love those French vintage pieces. I think the more white the better. When my youngest starts school, I'm getting out some paintbrushes! Alison

    1. Hi Alison, don't be so worried about it with littlies - worst case is you get out the mop! Thanks for stopping by - loving your online shop and new website ... Jen


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