Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back on board....

We've just had two weeks of school holidays here in Brisbane, and with all the best intentions in the world for magically combining fun things for the kids to do, organising visits with their friends and cousins and trips away, and also somehow balancing all my work commitments at the same time - surprise surprise! - it did not happen.

The first week was spent 'beating myself up' about not finding enough time to stock the shop, update social media and not getting time to post to the blog .... until I just 'went with it', enjoying the wonderful opportunity to spend time with the boys doing the things they love to do.  They are already so big now, and when you fast forward 10 years .... as much as I don't like thinking about it .... these opportunities will be gone ....

We finished the break with a visit to family in Melbourne.  And one of these wonderful but jam-packed days was spent in the Yarra Valley - with picture postcard weather - visiting wineries, a chocolatier and even time to negotiate a hedge maze!

Domaine Chandon winery, Yarra Valley, Victoria
Melbourne is known for it's abundance of great top-quality 'foodie' restaurants, and after eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the trip, it was the lunch at Oakridge winery restaurant that was our most fabulous by far.

Food, wine, view, service ... nothing could be faulted.  Even their 'under construction' expansion at the front (not in view of the restaurant) did not dampen the experience!  No wonder they were Yarra Valley Winery of the Year in 2012.

Tragically, the half case we purchased is currently being enjoyed by whomever cleaned the above seat cabin storage on Qantas flight 610 to Brisbane!

image via Domaine Chandon
And I had a little history lesson to boot!  I was unaware that the Domaine Chandon winery is one of a handful of estates owned by Moët & Chandon outside France producing méthode traditionnelle sparkling wines!  Did you?  ...perhaps the 'Chandon' could have been the clue....

As you can imagine the chocolatier was a firm favourite - both for the mountainous bowls of free chocolate tasting at the entrance ...

... and because they (very knowingly!) provided a great space AND footballs outside for the boys pumped up on chocolate to have a run!  Perfect after the hour drive from Melbourne.

The hedge maze was a hit too, where they ran off not to be seen again....

... for a full 10 minutes of blissful silence!

I quickly retreated from a round of 'frisbee golf', happily taking photos, when the natural boy-competitive-instinct started to take over and some of us were taking it a little more seriously than the others.

So here we are back again, recuperated, and gradually getting into the swing of our usual school / work routine again.

Tomorrow I'll have some stock updates, and some other things planned for later in the week.  So as they say ... your usual programming will resume shortly!


 {all images Vintage Finds unless otherwise attributed}


  1. Hi Jennifer, you may have been there when we were - small world! We were in Healesville for a day and a night last week (see my last blog post!). It is beautiful there, we are lucky to have the Yarra Valley on our doorstep - we were intending to go to the chocolate factory too but it was raining! And I completely relate to the dilemma of work/school holidays takes practice to just close the door on work. Some late nights for me now ahead! Take care, Alison

    1. Yes I did see your posts and thought the same thing! We had magical weather and so possibly just missed you by a day! Everyone told us at each place we went to that we got the pick of the days to be there.

      Lucky 'bayside girl' to have the Yarra Valley so close. Jen x


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