Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Tree Delivery {L'arbre de Noël}

We have had our Christmas tree delivered and it feels like the real beginnings of Christmas.  The scent of new pine needles wafting throughout the house.  Although I did have a few palpitations as it arrived!!

I had decided to splash out and ordered the "size XL" instead of our usual "large".

Greeting the installer at the door I had a sudden thought, "Perhaps I should have measured this at some stage in the last few months before it arrived?  Just to check it fits!"

Thankfully it does!  And I think is just the right size for the space.  Somewhat fills the void of the high ceilings in the old home.  Whew!

As the trees come tightly wrapped in a mesh to protect them, they need a few days to 'relax' and let the branches fall back to their normal shape before you dress it.  So I'll update you over coming days once it is 'dressed to kill'!

In our house I do let the kids take over the Christmas tree decoration, once I had done the basics: the lights and the beads.  And of course once we are all finished, and everyone is in bed, I do go back for a little edit later on!

There seems to be growing acceptance on Instagram of having a main tree that is dressed to perfection, and another elsewhere for the children to decorate themselves.  What do you think of that?

Even though I readily admit to giving ours a few tweaks, I must say I do love that WE dress OUR family Christmas tree.

So how about you ... do you have one main tree beautifully decorated?  And another for the kids?  Or do you 'share' like us (ha ha)?


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