Friday, January 31, 2014

Top Tips for Creative Thinking

Votre sante est a Vichy, René GRUAU (1960)

School went back this week after summer vacation.  The house may seem empty without my boisterous boys, but my mind is noisy - full of everything I want to do now that I have working hours to myself again, and I am in 'back to work' mode.  

But all I can think is where do I begin? 

I love instagramming, but lets face it - there's nothing very interesting about a week that has been filled with back-to-the-real-world tasks such as haircuts and dental appointments ... now is there!  And I am searching for a creative inspiration to kick off my projects.  I have mountains of emails to reply to: with requests of items to source, and (thankyou!) emails to reply to about the brocante tours I am planning.  

Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia
I can't seem to find the inspiration to kick off my year! Are you the same?  So what do you do when you are in creatively stuck and need some help?

Well, I did what I do to research most things ... googled it!  What came up was a great swathe of 'interesting' tips: from a white board marker kept in the shower for when those ideas materialize yet seem to dematerialize later, ... to the smell of rotten apples, cinnamon or vanilla - being said to increase creative thoughts!

Here's my choice of the practical tips I found that resonated with me ... mixed in with some ideas of my own.  Helpful tips to 'get going' in whatever you wish to achieve creatively this year!

Barely Worn, Bardon

Understanding how you work best seems to be the best piece of advice I could find!

Although creative inspiration may seem to just come out of nowhere in a flash ...  wherever you are ... that light bulb moment ... you know there are times of the day when you work better - I certainly know I do.  You may be a night-owl that finds creativity in the quiet hours, or in my case, I find the best work I do will be the first two hours of my day.  Most of my thoughts come to me then, and it's sometimes a case of being able to capture it all successfully!  

Be ready to work, and have the time set aside, at the time of the day your energy peaks.  You can save other more mindless, but necessary, tasks (like doing business accounts, updating facebook or instagram, replying to emails) for later when your creativity and energy is flagging.

Corner Store Cafe, Milton
Gallery of Modern Art Cafe, South Brisbane
Get out and experience something new - even if it's not directly related to what you are doing! The latest exhibition at an art gallery, a fantastic view you love to visit, a design studio or antiques store you love browsing.  Have coffee with a friend somewhere different.  This has the double positive of social contact!  

For me it's 'precinct shopping': seeing what's changed and new in an area I like to visit, while walking and wandering for hours.  Small things you see can spark big ideas ... consider it a 'creative field trip'!  

Do you normally make notes on your devices, and only write things down when they are dead?  When you are writing your are being tactile and this can open up other pathways in your brain.  Or perhaps you already love pen and paper - in idea could be to try using the other your other hand.

Or do you always work in your office, but could just as well work outside connected via your wifi?  I must say I like this one best, only my accounts need to be done in the office - but for anything else it's just as easy to take it somewhere else.  A change of perspective always gives me loads of ideas!

Is there something out there that's really enticing you?  Always wanted to learn the 'cello, learn a new language, paint furniture?  Register for a class or a workshop you've always wanted to do or sign on for an online class or continuing education course.  Again, you'll be meeting like minded people that can lead to all sorts of opportunities!  Or read a new type of book, try a new selection of magazines.  

Make sure your choice does not add another thing to your to-do list though - this is meant to inspire and invigorate - not tie up an already full schedule!

Moreton Island, Queensland
So now I have no excuses do I?  Armed with these pearls - I am off today with plans already for new ideas.  

Hope my little list helps you in some way too!

{research for this blog post mostly collated from: The Huffington Post, Houzz, and Gretchin Rubin/The Happiness Project}
{all images Vintage Finds unless otherwise specified}

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