Sunday, April 22, 2012

Coming this week....

Stock has been getting a little low in my Woolloongabba store of late.  A flurry of buying at auctions and overseas suppliers means I am getting back on track!

These haven't arrived yet, but I am checking deliveries daily....forgive me but I couldn't wait to share!

Quite a few of the vintage chairs, lighting and little one-off pieces I source for clients, don't make it to the shop floor.  If it is for a special order, once I have sourced the piece it usually gets delivered directly to my client, and so the shop customers don't always see some of the great things I've managed to source.

The letter press wood blocks below were a special order for a client who has gone with something else.  My gain though, as now I'll be able to put this in the shop.  It's a complete set of 40 wood blocks.  All the letters, numbers and punctuation shown in the photo.  The patina is different on each as they have been in use.

Danger sign... why? ... just because I couldn't resist.

Love the letter "T" and the vintage '50s typewriter to the side reminds me that I have one that needs cleaning to put in the store.  Ahhh.. best get on to that!


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