Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flea market finds and other fabulous vintage tales.....

Grabbing a copy of anything in the 'home' section of the newsstand at London St Pancras station, for an easy browse on the two hour train to Paris Gare du Nord, it was only once I had boarded the Eurostar that I realised I had scored so well!  The copy of Living etc that I picked up has one of the chairs that I had just bought at the markets on the front cover!

Small differences, but otherwise extremely close.  And just as I was wondering how to recover it ... voilà as they say ... a very pretty pic in front of me!  This chair seems to be covered in a course linen and I am guessing this is likely to be a plain grain sac (they usually have a stripe or other marking such as the cushion in the picture below).

Do you think I should recover it in grain sacking?  Or find a heavy weight linen?  The other option I have seen is to be covered in a quality hessian (such as the seat of the unfinished chair above) which comes up very well but could be a little scratchy to sit on!  What do you think?

via Living Etc

Love the old trunk painted white on the bottom right!

This is from the June 2012 copy, if you can find one, or most (but not all) of the pics from the article are here.

via Stein's Fish and Chips
This whole Cornwall house is to die for though.

Imagine this is your beach weekender, and your local 'fish and chips' is Rick Stein's in Padstow!

Although being a weekender, ... and me having two very active outdoorsy boys, ... and loving the pristine whiteness so much, I can see myself spending most of my Sunday cleaning this very lovely house before we leave to come home.  It's not really a 'lock and leave' option for our family!

Oh well ... just as well we didn't buy it ... ha! a girl can dream.....

Hope you're having a lovely week!

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