Saturday, September 22, 2012

il est arrivé! de la France!

So excited that I had to make a post this morning - even if the photos are not that great - I just had to share! My shipment from France arrived yesterday and I have grabbed a few shots as I was unpacking. As I am diving between crates, and opening them, and remembering all the fun I had sourcing all these goodies, the terms "pig" and "mud" springs to mind constantly!!

And some of the many wonderful stories come to mind also.  These flags are from a deceased estate of a man that was well known in the valley.  In 1945, when the Allied troops came through France at the close of WWII, there was typical confusion as to who was on who's side.  

This man had scavenged old fabric scraps, and made for himself these flags: the first is the American flag, the second is 'the British allies' and the third the French - 'le Tricolore'.  He proudly displayed them on a carved wooden shield on his house, showing his allegiance, as the Allies came through to reclaim the French territory.

My neglected little boys were busy 'helping' me all afternoon [translation: playing rugby around me until I chased them outside].

And we were all having so much fun that we forgot what the time was!

The sun had gone down, moon come up, and it was dinner time.  Enough fun for one day.

Must go, have a big day ahead with sorting and relocating all of this.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  And if you're in Brisbane - welcome to the wonderful warmer weather and the start of the school holidays!



  1. It's one of the best things to do, when living here in rural France. Hunt for stuff!

  2. Lucky you getting to hunt for finds whenever the mood strikes! I have to have highly planned trips to do this. Jealous~! All the best, Jennifer.


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