Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day ... Framed Poster

Stunning sun-shiny yesterday in Brisbane and again today.  I hope everyone had a chance for a little lie-in yesterday with a cup of tea brought to you in bed - mother or not!

I must admit it is my favourite day of the year - when my two little boys proudly present gifts to me that represent their taste and individuality!  The Mother's Day stalls at their schools do a great job - the boys are always so proud of what they have chosen and keen to tell me the reasons why.... and just as keen to see me wearing it!  This bodes well for their "other halves" in the future - that they both like selecting jewellery~

I have a new vintage framed Bally poster in store at the moment.  This one is huge - 167cm x 122cm and I can imagine it looking amazing as a feature at the end of a hallway, or a focal in a room.

I thought it may have meant "j" for jeune (youth) - thinking they may have introduced a new look.  Having chatted to some of mes amies françaises (my french friends) they have a different take on this.  One idea is 'j' for jambe (leg), which does make sense!  Another bonne idée is that it means sale day -  jour is often used when talking about the bi-annual sales.

Whatever it was originally designed for, it's one of those 'vintage finds' that I actually had to wrestle with myself to put in the shop rather than keep for me~!  It's at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre now.

I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday.  And if, like me, Sunday became a hectic day of kids sport and visiting, I hope you found a quiet moment today to enjoy!


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