Wednesday, March 6, 2013

For Whom The Bell Tinkles

'Downton Abbey' opening credits
Do you watch the period drama Downton Abbey?  I just love the sound of those tinkling bells and the music in the opening credits.  Of course I am totally drawn into the twists and turns of the drama, but it's the visual world they have re-created I love best.  The sets, the objects the characters use.

Here in Australia we are viewing episodes considerably behind Europe I believe.  We have only just viewed the ones resolving the financial crisis of the Grantham family; of having lost the family fortune on a Canadian railway investment, and the 'family pile' potentially being sold.

'Downton Abbey' aka Highclere Castle, Hampshire, England
The episode (screened in Australia last week), included an excursion to visit the new and smaller potential lodgings of the family: 'the-to-be-renamed' Downton Place.

And I must admit, I was infinitely more enamoured of the new, pretty lodgings than the old stuffy ones!

scene from 'Downton Abbey' at Greys Court
The episode is set in the grounds of the English National Trust property Greys Court, a mainly Tudor house, with parts of the estate ruins dating to 1347.

Greys Court, near Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
As it turned out in the drama, the money troubles are resolved after a few twists, and the family will remain at the Abbey, but I was hoping that they would end up in the new digs as I love this one so much more! 

And was looking forward to viewing more such 'teas on the lawn'......

Sybil and Tom strolling the lawns of Downton Place

As to my preference ... it all depends on your perspective really.

Perfectly explained by the characters themselves: Sybil (ex-Lady, now commoner) notes that it looks "cramped" but Tom (ex-chauffeur now family member) aptly points out that it 'looks like a fairy palace to most regular people'!

What do you think?  Which would you love to see yourself living in?

{images via: 'Henley Standard', and National Trust}

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