Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sometimes it really is the little things ...

On a buying trip like the one I have just been on, racing around Paris and the french countryside, sometimes it is the space, the pause, the time to breathe that you really appreciate.  The pace is generally quite quick - there is so much to be done while I am there - that I do enjoy opportunities to slow my eye, and seeing the smaller things around me too.

Walking through the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, with the perfectly manicured lawns that you are not allowed to stand on; it brought a smile to my lips to see these little 'untamed' flowers poking their heads through the blades of grass.

And walking through the fields of Normandy, with acres and acres of farm field vista in front of you, there is still a smaller and quieter perfection to be found - such as in these details in the blades of wheat.

Or in the wild grasses by the roadside, or the detail of a wild daisy in a field.

And on seeing these pretty oak flowers, realising that the significant hum in the air, was actually a tree full of bees!

And today, I had planned to be taking photos of some stock to show you, before I put it in the shop.  However, the light is bad, it's raining on and off, and just not the day to be taking furniture outside!

So with a camera in my hand and nothing to shoot, it's made me look again, back home in Brisbane.  At our own hedge of azaleas, that don't quite know whether to flower or not, or whether spring is here, because of this unseasonal winter rain we are having!

And look again at how pretty they are laden with water.

It doesn't always have to be the grand gestures or the sweeping vistas that make your heart sing.  Sometimes it really is just the little things.


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