Wednesday, July 10, 2013

There and back again

How many miles to Paris town? 
10 282 miles and ten.  
Can you get there by candlelight?
There and back again.

So much to share that I am finding it hard to arrange my thoughts and begin.  If you were sitting in front of me and were to ask one little teensy question, I would be answering with a barrage of words on the wonderful trip I have just had, all the fantastic things I have found, seen and done, and especially the wonderful people I have met.

Because, I must admit, for me it is about people and our connections in the world that makes life truly interesting.  There are the people that present us with experiences out of the blue, that you don't expect, that turn a merely lovely moment into something that you will treasure.

Just one of these moments happened when my friends and I were having a degustation dinner at Le Comptoir, in Saint-Germaine.  Wonderful occasion in itself: vibrant venue, fantastic food and wonderful wine, surrounded by friends and lovely 'french food' chatter - creating an atmosphere we felt could not be topped.

And then was this jovial fellow, let forth with a french classic (you guessed it!) that is a quintessential reminder of Paris!  La Vie en Rose.  Sights, sounds and taste.  The moment and happiness now etched in my memory.

And then there are also warm and welcoming people, where by their very nature, you feel you are coming home.  Such as when I stayed again with my darling friend Sharon Santoni from the beautiful blog My French Country Home.  Such kindness and little details that she attended to!

Little homely touches, the posies of fresh flowers on the nightstands next to each of our beds, and the lists pre-prepared for us of local fairs and markets we may like to visit and new brocantes that have opened since my last visit.  Dinner reservations at a local attended to, and our highlight, a wonderful home cooked french dinner (much appreciated after so many weeks of travel)!

So bear with me while I compose my thoughts, unravel the stories and attempt to begin over the coming days...


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  1. OH LA LA It looks amazing:) I LOVE France and Im going to Nice for my birthday i October..and looking forward to that.

    Check out my blog....If you want to see a beautiful Swedish country styled house:)

    have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at


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