Monday, February 17, 2014

Marine Lighting Choices for a Boy's Room

Monday is my office day.  My day to grab a well-made coffee, and sit in my office and work away and get lots done.  Quiet day, no interruptions, lots of productive work.

What a fantasy!  ... I usually end up fielding phone calls where my straight forward list, turns into multiple steps that need organising first ... just to get a "simple" thing done on my to-do.  And at the end of my day I wonder if I've made any progress at all judging by the new size of this list!

And not to mention when you get side-tracked completely!

Via Vogue Living
Like seeing this gorgeous light fixture, on a Vogue Living feed this morning!  It's from this year's January 'Objet and Maison' Trade Fair in Paris a couple of weeks ago.  Beautiful crystal decanters reworked and hung perfectly in this arrangement.  Now where could I put this?

.... I digress ....

Back to my task du jour: finalise the lighting for the boy's rooms and end (what has become) the 'saga of the pre-teen boys' bedroom'!

I have found a great look in lighting that will work well for us - marine lighting - which injects either a beachy or a vintage vibe depending on how you style the rest of the room.

These light fixtures are for above the boys' beds and to be used as a reading light.  Wall-mounting lights is a great choice.

{image via Restoration Hardware}
They do not take up space on a bedside table which is already prone to clutter; and there's no chance of being knocked over by a stray bat or random cartwheel.  I love that wall-lights can be so practical for this, but they need to be chosen well to give good, effective and non-glare reading light.

{image via Pottery Barn}
Placed above and behind the bedhead like this is ideal, as the light source is behind the reader and should not cast shadows. It's also not in eye-line to create glare or be distracting.

I am down to a choice of two lovely vintage-style light fixtures and would love to know what you think...

The first candidate is from Restoration Hardware - the "Mariner's Sconce".  I think this is my perfect choice, but the delivery time means it will be a little longer before it's arrived and installed.

{images Restoration Hardware}
Another option I found at Magin's Lighting here in Australia - the "Maine Antique Nickel".   The delivery lead time would be less and so project completed all the sooner!

And so you see?  Much research and many candidates discounted .... I am down to just two ... but still no definitive decision!!  I think either would be great.

And as there is no 'client' to pass the decision to for final approval, I will turn it over to you.  

What do you think?  Which one would you choose?



  1. Both gorgeous. I think by now you've decided. I like the first one but would probably get the second. Although you'd have skills I don't have about getting them rewired promptly.

    1. There are different regulations in various parts of the world for doing electrical work, some countries you can do it yourself. Here in Australia it needs to be done by a licenced electrician. Yes, there is some conversion required but as my licenced electrician will be installing here anyway, he will be able to do those conversions to make it compliant for me! Jen

  2. Good Job, I liked All the above. Marine Lighting provides the perfect light at night, so you can bring your pleasure or work, and nights. It also the perfect solution for lightening your boat or ship.

    1. Hi John, I just had a look over on your website and you have some amazing vintage marine lights!! They are just brilliant - gorgeous style and obviously built to stand the test of time. Thanks for sharing. Jennifer.

    2. You are most Well come

      Thanks a lot for your valuable comment.


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