Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunshine and flowers .... and other painting mishaps!

Some days you just need to focus on the sunshine and flowers.  You know those days?

I have been painting furniture for a couple of days, and between a wrong colour choice and a spray gun with 'unresolved issues' ....

I walked past our dining table ... and the light ... and the flowers ... 

Sometimes you just need to focus on the sunshine and flowers!

I hope your day has gone better!

{image Vintage Finds}


  1. Sunshine and flowers are good things.
    I am not very good at painting. (smile) I tried spay gun and had to put them in the rubbish bin. (lol)
    I recently tried chalk painting but not very happy with it either. so I guess I am done painting for a while.

    Bonne journee
    Julie x

    1. Lol! Very funny. Yes, it takes patience and persistence. But I love the end result being a piece that perfectly works for me (or a client!). Thanks for sharing. Jen xx


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