Monday, October 29, 2012

A sense of place ...

Of all the reasons one can fall in love with France, and Paris for that matter - wine, cheese, countryside, and so on - one in particular for me is the emphatic sense of place.   Remarkably in this age of architectural homogeneity, once you arrive in France you know exactly where you are.

Street Cafe, Regatta Hotel
Here in Brisbane in October, with all the jacaranda trees in bloom, once again you have that strong sense of place.  It's hard to find a street or vista that does not have the purple blossoms in a scattered view!

Walter Taylor Bridge, Indooroopilly
Purple lace on the white lace of hundred year old buildings; purple riverside vistas.

Street Cafe, Regatta Hotel

Or even brightening our suburban views, it truly is every where to be seen.

I must admit it was many years before I appreciated how gorgeous the city looked in full bloom.  I first became aware of the purple flowers in October as meaning I should be in a library studying because end of year exams were less than a month away~! And it took many years for the association with exam nerves to go away!

But go away it does, and now I just enjoy the month long display of purple and the wonderful spring weather.

Hope your week has started well!

Jennifer x

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  1. Love these's a shame that in Melbourne a jacaranda tree in full bloom is a rare sight. Hope all's going well. Alison


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