Monday, October 8, 2012

It really is oh so civilised...

I have had a busy week with children on school holidays, a shop to keep stocked, and life as usual.

Everyone is back at school this morning.  So to have some semblence of civility and a quieter pace, on my desk I have a lovely coffee from a favourite local barista and I am opening my build-up of email to have a browse and an update on what is going on in my favourite corners of the blogging world!

A few quick pics from Sharon Santoni, at My French Country Home, have reminded me what I love about France and french brocante hunting.

You may be in an industrial lane, or at the back of a barnyard, or in the centre of a field at a fair.  Miles from civilisation... or so you think.  Yet come an agreed lunchtime, the brocante dealers spread a cloth over a 19th century table, pull up some industrial vintage chairs, et voilà a civilised three-course meal commences!

My French Country Home

This is France after all, and everything stops for lunch!  There is no 'grabbing a packaged sandwich' and heading back to work fast.

My French Country Home

This is a leisurely and relaxing break, shared with friends to recuperate and energise for the rest of the day's work.

My French Country Home
And being civilised does not mean having to splurge.  Somewhere nearby you will be able to find for yourself a charming local restaurant, with a standard prix fixe [fixed price] three-course menu to enjoy!

And even if you do find yourself a little time poor (ie: you don't have the usual two and a half hours for lunch), there will always be something stunningly delicious to pick up at the local boulangerie.

I hope you are having a somewhat civilised start to your week!


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