Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Well, here we are in February already! I came back from a brilliant break in January fired up and set to go for the start of 2013. Lots of ideas and plans going forward ...

.... and then over the Australia Day weekend in Brisbane, the weather turned from rainy (writing my last post) to cyclonic within a day as an ex-cyclone careened it's way down the east coast of Australia.  So many people were affected, and some in what sadly became tragic circumstances.

After the storm hit, as is usual in Queensland, the flooding took a couple of days before it caught up too.  And as the river breached it banks, the sun shone, and the humidity built to an oppressive level.

flooding Brisbane RIver outside GoMA on 29th January
But now there was no respite from fans or air-conditioning as power to hundreds of thousands of homes had been cut off in the storm, and so many had to swelter on in the heat! Thankfully only a couple of days for us, but for some even in central Brisbane suburbs it was up to a week!  And amid the chaos, the first day of the school year was to start, and the numerous after school activities!

And to think that this is all only one week ago!  So apologies for being 'absent from duty'; and as they say, we now resume your usual programming. 

I hope your last week has fared better than ours, 
More tomorrow with some great pics of hallways, and riding boots and wicker trunks.

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