Thursday, February 14, 2013

Special Order ... Vintage Bally Poster

Do you remember I found and framed a great poster a couple of months back (here)?  As is always the way, a lot of people were interested but it sat in the store for awhile before it sold.  Then just since Christmas I have had several people asking after it and whether I could find another!

I have been looking for another Vintage "Bally J" poster just like it to frame again, and my searches until now haven't come up with another the same size and condition.

But the timing must have been just right!

This one is a little larger than the other, but you don't really get a choice in what is available at the time - this is vintage after all!

Once it arrived, I was too nervous of it's condition to touch it, and took it straight to my framer for the big reveal.  And as we unrolled it slowly and carefully, we discovered it was in absolutely fantastic condition!

A few little fold marks here and there, from where it was rolled as paper, but nothing that didn't add a touch of character.  It travelled particularly well, as it had already been adhered to an excellent quality canvas and so will be preserved very well for years to come.

Next choice: to decide on a frame stock; and the customer had requested white wood - beautiful, simple, classic choice.

Final measuring was a little difficult and required two people to hold the canvas so it did not stretch or sag, as the poster and the canvas was larger than the counter!

It has taken about three weeks to source and frame, and is due for completion at the end of this week.  I'm really looking forward to see how this one turns out - it's like re-visiting an old friend to see this poster again!

I'm off on a buying trip in the next couple of months (more on that another time), so is there something you just can't seem to find?  Let me know, and I'll see what I can find through my contacts now or when I go!

All the best,

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