Monday, February 11, 2013

Flower Markets

I was doing the rounds of the auction houses this morning, when on the street I came across these lovely rusty pots, with cascading foliage of white and green bouganvillea.

Inspired by this pretty spot of greenery, I decided to head to the flower markets on my way back - to pick up my own little something green to brighten my 'neutrals and naturals' inspired office.

Little did I know the visual flower-lovers feast that awaited me when I walked into the coldroom!  With St Valentine's Day approaching, the markets have hundreds of square metres of roses: pink, yellows, and at least 4 different shades of red!

I was literally blown away.  And the staff were working their hands as fast as they could - wrapping hundreds of sets of red roses singly and by the dozen in preparation for Thursday's onslaught.

After taking a stack of pics, what did I pick up for myself?  Just my two little bunches of green which are brightening my desk right now.

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