Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A few days in Normandy

I have just spent the most delicious few days in Normandy with my new friends.  I stayed with Sharon Santoni who writes the wonderful blog My French Country Home.  We were a force: racing around in a van for two days to so many brocantes!  Have had the absolute best fun with a like-minded soul who also enjoys fossicking in endless out-buildings as much as I do!

She and her family were just so wonderful and welcoming.  And I made a special friend with Gibson, the family's dashing Golden Retriever.

Gibson helping me update the blog
Each morning Gibson would sit in front of le camion (the van) and not move.  Stupid dog you think?  Hardly! Ever so clever!  He knew we were not going to move until someone came and took him away, and he was hoping we would relent and let him come with!

I also enjoyed several days of her and her husband's divine french country home cooking, which went a long way to nourish a travel weary soul - both severely jet-lagged and physically tired from the days criss-crossing the Normandy countryside.

A wonderful start to two weeks sourcing some great finds in France!


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