Saturday, May 12, 2012

Here and away ... ici et là

Yes, I have been remiss in my blogging obligations for a week or so!  Have been busy with preparations for the upcoming buying trip, and making plans for both here and overseas while I am away.  My darling husband is going to 'work part-time' while I am away; dropping the boys to school in the morning and then picking them up in the afternoon and taking them to their after-school activities.

When I go, I usually have a meticulously-organised and very complex web of pickups and drop-offs - with help gratefully accepted from our friends and parents!  Mon mari has passed on all this and wants to go it alone and spend this time with his boys.

It's hard to think that for two weeks they will be fine without me!  And meanwhile, as busy as my overseas schedule is, I will be missing them each like crazy....

Anyway I promise to post lots more over the coming weeks.  There will be so much to see and share! Markets in Normandy, food and coffee and hopefully opera in Paris, and friends haunts in London.

More soon!


Markets from past trips

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