Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer comes to London in a day....

I have popped over to London to take in a few markets, and voilà summer is here!

Rainy days gone, cold days gone, overcoats and jackets .... you guessed it ... gone!  Parks are full of joggers, spirits are high, sunshine abounds.

I have by pure chance timed my quick sojourn with not only the fabulous weather, but also with the preparations for the Queen's Jubilee next week.  Oxford Street and the stores surrounding are swathed with festive 'union jack' bunting.  And of course I loved the Liberty store in London' take on the festivities (teacups and bunting below) and their exhibition on 'Arts and Crafts' Furniture - personally one of my favourite furniture styles.

For breakfast I went to my friends' favourite cafe, a Notting Hill gem Granger and Co (175 Westbourne Grove),  only to discover it was Australian restauranteur Bill Granger's London restaurant! Good food and great coffee - would thoroughly recommend.  I have happened to eat in a few Paris cafes run by Australians too... and will write another post on this ... great to find good coffee so far from home!

Hopefully the weather keeps up, while I continue with the sourcing back in France in a few days!


'Bunting and Teacups' Liberty store,  London

Oxford Street, London

Roof of St Pancras Internation train station,  London

Hyde Park

Granger and Co, Notting Hill

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