Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Do I dare paint my wood floor white?

What do you think? Am I going crazy or could this work? Would you paint wood floors? Would you dare in a high traffic room?

I have decided to paint the wood floor in my bootroom white.  With the backdoor closed, our bootroom can be a dark space full of shoes and disorganised school bags and assorted other sporting paraphenalia.  Or put another way - it's full of our 'real life'!

I find it just amazing how white floors suddenly gives a rustic feel, but at the same time it is delicate and simple.  From what I can see, far from detracting from the hardwood floor, a painted floor actually emphasises it.  And I love the shadow-line space between the boards creating a subtle pinstripe effect.  

I have admired so many white painted wood floors for so long - from kitchens to bathrooms, hallways to bedrooms - and just never had the nerve to get out the paint and go for it!

What do you think?  You like?  Well ... we have gone ahead and done this, and I will post photos of the finished look in the next couple of days.

Are you about to embark on a big change at your place?  Do share ...


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