Friday, November 30, 2012

Surviving with only pink peonies

Well, here it is.

The last day of school before the summer holidays.  Much anticipated, has finally arrived.

Two months of little boys and their little friends running rampant here and at the beach.  Wet towels, grassy feet, and endless rounds of discarded clothing.

So pink peonies it is.

On my desk, and in my morning coffee spot.  I think I deserve two rounds of pink as they could be the last 'girlish' thing I see for months!


  1. Lovely photos. Know how you feel - living in a house full of boys! I inject some femininity into the house with weekly fresh flowers and scented candles...lots of scented candles...! Looking forward to renovating down the track with lots more white also. And yes it's a very active summer holidays! Mine bring half the beach home with them. Alison

    1. That sounds so lovely and fresh. I should do it more often as our flower markets are quite close! Happy holidays with your little men. Jennifer x


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