Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In store now ...

Here are some more vintage french house numbers I have in stock, enamelled in a pretty blue and white.  These are rectangle and are 10cms x 15cms.  The numbers I have available in this size are: 49, 58, 43, 63bis, 27, 28, 65, 10 and 56.  If you are after a specific number or size, let me know and I will add it to the list that I am sourcing at the moment.

What does the 'bis' mean I hear you ask?  In an address 63A Orchid Avenue, the french equivalent of the 63A would be 63bis.  Depending how many times more addresses need to be subdivided it would be numbered bis, ter, quater.

I just thought this one was so typically french I had to pick it up!

Sun is shining and weather divine here in Brisbane, spirits are high and so I am in a hive of activity to stock the Woolloongabba store.  Have a great day today whatever you find yourself doing.  

Jennifer x

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