Monday, November 19, 2012

French Bergères

French bergère chairs seem to be having a resurgence at the moment - and for those of us who squirrel away our antiques - our time has come that they are 'in vogue' again!  At the moment I seem to see them everywhere.....

I noticed that colourful design maven and fellow Brisbane girl Anna Spiro has them covered in a beige linen in her showroom full of bright and light.

from Absolutely Beautiful Things blogger Anna Spiro's showroom at Black and Spiro
And these look equally at home in the world of beige, white and wood, such as this newly built Spanish villa (via ArchiThings.Com).

I love my neutrals with a punch of colour and have just recovered mine, and am enjoying them so much now they are in neutral linens. 

I have recovered them with two fabrics - the front being a tighter weave and good fabric weight for constant use, and the back a lighter weave fabric to resemble an upholsterer's hessian.

What do you think?


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