Wednesday, December 12, 2012

L'arbre de Noël est arrivé! ...

Isn't it just so easy to make lovely memories at this time of year?

My little boys are still writing to a rosy cheeked man each year, asking for their hearts desire. We put their letters on the fire place where Santa removes them and leaves a gift in their stocking. I have kept all these letters, which trace so much of their changing tastes.

My Christmas tree arrived last week. And it has taken us a week to unpack decorations, decide on the appropriate ones, and adjudicate a family debate over the best star to use for the top!

I've gone for a bit of a blue and silver theme this year - through no other design than these have been catching my eye for years, and now I have enough to do the entire tree with lots of blue!  

I picked up some gorgeous blue mercury glass and also blue milk glass ornaments at Oliveaux at Woolloongabba.  I always get lovely inspiration whenever I pop into this store, and owner Amanda Harris is such a treat to talk to!  She has always been so supportive of me, and of starting my business last year and I love to see what she's been up to. 

I've also found some lovely silver mercury glass tealights also which I have along the dining table and across the fire mantle.

I managed to source a couple of sets of these so email me if you are interested for your own Christmas table.  

I plan to use them all year also, sitting along the fireplace hearth - when it's not cold enough to light the fire, but it will still give a warming twinkle and glow.

And thankyou, merci, to all my readers of this blog.  

I still feel like such a novice as I type away.  Mostly just when I feel that I have something to share.  To those of you who tune in regularly, thank you so much for reading! 

 And to all I send you genuine best wishes of the season.

Jennifer x

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  1. Such a beautiful Christmas display! Just discovered your blog and am enjoying it!


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