Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The best house in France

Want some great holiday voyeuristic browsing, then how about this.

Currently there is a television programme and competition on France2: "La maison des préférées des francais" (the favourite house of the French).  Along the lines of "I Own Britain's Best Home" and other series around the world, it is a TV and online competition for viewers to vote for the house that is their favourite.  With houses representing the 22 regions of France.  These are real houses belonging to real people.

In fact so real, that as it turns out, on my last buying trip to France in April, I have actually been to one of these.

Christelle owns the sweetest a little brocante in Normandy, that I can attest looks this beautiful and chic EVERY day of the year, and not just for the photographs!

All of the photos to this point, are Christelle's charming abode; it is house number 11 on the website.  There are many more to look at too, so once you've had a good look around, please vote for Christelle's!

If you would like to vote in the competition, just click away!

Click here

Here is another of the other french rooms I liked and some more pretty french houses from the competition...

bedroom in Ille de France 

house in Centre

house in Picardie
Jennifer x

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