Friday, May 10, 2013

Auction Finds ...

Been doing the auction rounds again lately.  Spied some lovelies in a 'box lot' that I just had to have.

Two lovely glass kerosene lamps (missing their chimneys), many little old glass bottles, a lovely green and cream platter and some pretty blue plates.  All they need is a little cleaning.

The blue plates are very damaged which is such a shame.  They are made by Grimwade Brothers around 1891-1900 (this company being the precursor to Grimwades Limited, which in turn became the modern day Royal Winton).  It seems to be an earthenware, rather than the porcelain or bone china of later eras of these patterns.  So pretty, and oh so old.

After a little gentle cleaning (I use vinegar and bicarbonate of soda), they have lightened in colour and many of the stains are removed!

And where did I spy these?  Have a look ... at the bottom of this box.  Would you have rifled through this to find my treasures?

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