Thursday, May 2, 2013

I blog ... ?!

In the words of another ... oops! I did it again!  Great intentions to post far more frequently, but my last post was more than a week ago and here I am.  

Lots happening at the moment - which leads to the inevitable ... the more things I have to write about and update you on, the less time I have to write!  Much better than the reverse ... which would be rather boring don't you think?

Had the best morning today at Blake and Taylor (Paddington, Brisbane) learning how to apply their new paint range and some wax finishes, and hosted by the lovely Ellie.  I now have oodles of projects running through my head, to utilise all the different techniques we went through, so will have to update you separately on those.

As we chatted while we were working throughout the morning, I discovered that this creative group included some crafty and talented people, including quilters and a potter.  And one thing that each of the group today had in common - we seemed to have no end of 'project ideas' and still keen to take more on!  

And so I will share with you my first project I am going to tackle armed with my new techniques!

Trawling through my favourite Paris market last year, under the trees along the avenues in Porte des Vanves, I came across a fantastic find.

By the way, I just love this street market, as you really never know what you'll come across. Such an eclectic mix of dealers who have their own little speciality, and it takes forever to stroll up and down with so many little things to see.

And do you remember this brilliant vintage light fixture I found at this market {here}?

Not that I revealed that much, all bagged up for me to take to my shippers.  But there are a few little bits showing to give you a taste that it is metal and loopy and gorgeous and will look great painted, but at present it has brown flowers and needs rewiring and as a project I wasn't sure how to start a 'metal' painting job.

Well ... the Blake and Taylor paints I was working with today can also be applied to metal, so I am going to make this light fixture my first project.  I already know where this will go, so expect an update in the next week or so with a finished result!

I tend do this often ... to look beyond what an object or piece of furniture is ... find lots of things that can be painted or turned into something else in some way ... and as a result end up with a list of projects!  Do you?  Or do you prefer to see it as the end result before taking it home?


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