Sunday, May 26, 2013

Paris dreaming: the planning phase ...

Jardin des Tuileries, Paris {image Vintage Finds}

My mind keeps turning to the upcoming trip, thinking a lot about what I will be doing - and some of the fun plans I've made.  To ride horses through the forest in France, supper at Georges to take in the City of Light by night, meet with a girlfriend in Paris the day the summer sales begin!  And I've found a load of new little brocantes and smaller stores to fossick through.

And with all the planning, the lists are becoming endless: the list for trying to clear more room at the warehouse in preparation for what I am bringing back, list for taking stock to my shop this week, lists for travel plans left to book, list for what I need to buy there and where to find it, list for what I want to see, lists of new contacts to meet for sourcing some lovely things...

Do you do that?  Are you an endless list writer?  I definitely am!  It is somehow the method behind my madness.  Once the plans start coming together, the lists get smaller and more organised.  Until I just have my travel plans and shopping list and I'm ready to go!

Drop me an email if there is something you would like to me to source or find while I am there, as the shopping lists for clients is coming together well and I would love to pick you up that special something you want - no matter how small!

Have a great week!

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