Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vintage Parisian Finds

Some of the delights asked for by customers for my upcoming trip - french silver cutlery, french linens, platters and carving ware, and some great frameable vintage posters.  Great fun to find!


{images via Chic Restorations, French Vintage Home and Stuart Paterson}


  1. Jen, what an amazing trip you have planned! I know you'll be busy finding all your treasures, and I look forward to seeing what you return with. Only wish I could see your store in person!!

    1. Is going to be great fun once I am there, and I pretty much know where I'm likely to find everything. Bit daunted at the moment by the mountains of 'to-do' lists that will work their way down to one list by the time I leave! Jen x


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