Friday, March 14, 2014

A day of firsts and lasts....

Unlike the jacaranda's purple swathe across this city in September, autumn and winter here are quieter seasons.  They don't herald their coming with triumphant shows of autumnal colour, or melancholy skies and bleak trees of winter as there is in other climates.  

But amongst the green there are always changes, something new to be seen to show the seasons are rolling on, a change is coming.

The first autumn leaf on the Liquidamber Tree...

... the first of my autumn show on the Gardenia hedge...

... and the late flowering of this one Azaelia shrub. 

It is in a hedge of azaelias, where one is obviously a different variety to the others: it looks dormant when the rest of the hedge is in flower in spring, and then flowers by itself in early Autumn.

There is beautiful light in our garden this morning and the sky is a clear brilliant and vivid blue.  In Brisbane that means a change of seasons our cooler clear winter skies are on their way.  Gone are the torrential rains of summer.  Although I shouldn't say that yet - as Easter is pretty reliably a wet weekend!

Nights are a little cooler, mornings have a nip in the air, and the afternoon light  is growing shorter with each passing day.  

Autumn is here - and in a climate that is mostly tropical and green all year round - when you stop and look around you can already see the season's change.  


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