Monday, March 10, 2014

Street Art and International Women's Day: Together in Paris

I love how there's always something new and changing in Paris - whatever time of year you are there.  And the street art that abounds is just one example of this:

Paris mayoral candidate Nathalie Koscisuko-Morizet, or as she is often referred to - NKM, commissioned pioneer artist Joseph Mendy to create wonderful pieces of 'reverse graffiti' street art for March 8 'International Women's Day',  to honour the 53% of Paris population who are women.  

À toutes les femmes de Paris, héroïnes du quotidien. NKM.
 (To all the women of Paris, everyday heroines.)

{image Carla Coulson photography}

The artistic event contained portraits representing three generations of Parisiennes and was done in his signature style of 'cleaning' the facades of buildings and walls to create a frescoe - called 'Method Graphic'.    For years now, he has done many of these creations of historic figures throughout Paris.

From stencils he handcuts himself, he removes layers of dirt to create the images.  Almost the opposite of graffiti - cleaning stonework as he creates.

{image Secrets of Paris}
This is another of Joseph Mendy's images, La Jaconde (or in English - the 'Mona Lisa'), which appeared in the Louvre-Rivoli metro station.

Have you seen any of his work in Paris whilst you were there?


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