Thursday, March 27, 2014

My latest garden love...

Various plants had progressively 'survived' and then died here.  Something drastic had to be done.  So with inspiration from some public spaces, I have grassed this area (instant green) and installed a modern, clean look of steel edging, left to rust to same colour as the garden.

{today in the rain}
But my, my, ... aren't I a fickle creature?!  I have spent weeks bemoaning the hot dry conditions that we have had, and having to water my new grass daily to ensure it survives.

And now we have had rain in Brisbane for days, and already I am craving sunlight!  Today a weather alert has been issued for a deluge - which by the way only makes me wonder 'how much they are expecting to actually issue an alert?'!  Must be a lot!

And as a result the forecast is now for 'localised flash flooding' because of the volume of water expected to fall over the next 24 hours.....

Now I am wondering will my new turf survive?  Yes, it is all about my grass at the moment.

{a before pic}
You see ... after years of being the 'dead spot' and mostly dirt (for those gardeners: it's a full shaded position all year round) - I finally came up with a plan.

{another before pic}
Put it in to action.  And here it is.  No longer on the 'to do' list .... something that is actually 'done'!  And as I walk past this garden many times a day to and from the garage, it feels like a small achievement!

{after pic}
{just freshly layed and installed}
So, in a garden that seems to be 'going wild' at the moment with growth, this new area is my new baby, my respite, my 'completed'.

And it looks and behaves as I want it ...

... for now.
Jen x
{all images Vintage Finds}

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