Friday, March 7, 2014

Top tips for 'How To Get Those Treasures Home'

I am often asked ‘just how hard is it to actually get your treasures home?’  For those planning to travel on my Brocante Tour this year, this is very useful information in the planning phase!

The short answer is that it's really not that hard!  All it takes is a bit of preparation.   

Firstly, what you or I think of as 'treasures' can be quite different sizes, shapes and degrees of shipping difficulty!  One woman's french linens is another woman's armoire!

If you love antique linens, buttons and silver, for example, then taking these items home should be very simple, however, if crystal chandeliers are at the top of your list, they will require specialist packing and shipping. 

And there are tips to be learnt around shipping larger items.  When sending tables, chest of drawers and wardrobes – these are all measured by cubic weight.  And as a result have a lot of empty air space around, inside and underneath that you have already paid for!  This can be utilised by linens, decanters, silverware, riding boots, smaller tables, chairs or any number of things small enough to fit into the spaces.

So to make this answer simpler, I’ve assembled a few tips I have gained over many trips – you can benefit from my mistakes and learnings!

Firstly, I will share how to ensure you can t get everything smaller home at no added cost!  However, this is not going to work for the Charles X fruitwood card table in the Paris markets at St-Ouen, or the Normandy marriage armoire your found in a village antique store.   These are going to need specialist shippers, and I am going to give you some tips there too.

So come back and have a read, as next up I will share some tips on how to ship those small and larger treasures home.


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