Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chagall Exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg

I love to spend time in the Jardin du Luxembourg, my favourite park in Paris. Surrounded on its borders by the art galleries and luxury shopping of Ste Germaine, the uptempo life and restaurants of the Latin quarter, the student vibe around the Sorbonne, and Montparnasse to the south - the park is a haven in a bustling city. Such a welcome respite from the traffic and all that is just outside the wrought iron gates.

These 23 hectares in the heart of the left bank have so much to offer: row upon row of pleached trees, wide gravel boulevards, beautiful formal fountains and gardens, running track, tennis courts, playgrounds, orchards, pony rides, marionette show, sailboats - and even it's own museum as well.

The Musée du Luxembourg {on the north side on rue de Vaugirard, next to le Sénat} may be a small gallery space, with room for a smaller offering than the more famous museums, but is large on atmosphere and gives you access to some wonderful and changing exhibitions.   It was the first Paris museum to be open to the public, in 1750, and it annually presents several exhibitions, showing a wonderful caleidoscope of artists.

Currently on exhibit until 21 July is "Chagall: Between War and Peace" {open everyday from 10am to 7.30pm} illustrating four key periods in his work.  I love Chagall, his deep blues, and the 'dream-like sequence' aspect of his work - and so am going to enjoy seeing this in a couple of weeks.

Musée du Luxembourg, with it's great proximity to the Luxembourg Gardens, one is to keep on your 'Paris list'! It is ever changing and will always have something completely different to your last visit.


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