Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's a lovely day...

Happy 70th to my tennis playing, line-dancing, toe-tapping, gardener Mum! xxx

After much planning and anticipation, this afternoon was a brilliant gathering of so many dear and interesting groups of people!  The youngest there was five and the eldest 92 - a beautiful and still hugely active soul (the president of one of her clubs!) - who had actually looked after my mother as a child and had also looked after me!

{A cartoon I drew of my Mum ended up on her cake!}
Hope you're having a lovely weekend too!



  1. Jen, I love your sketch of your mum! I hope she and you both have a framed print of it to treasure forever!!

  2. You are way too sweet! It's just a caricature, so will maybe give her the original. My sister was the one who put it on the cake, as we were searching for inspiration. Sorry I haven't been on your blog for a little - leave for Paris tomorrow and in a bit of a whirl of packing and work. Will have far more time in the next few days to catch up! Jen x


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