Monday, June 17, 2013

Vintage Lovin'

I found myself in the Lee Mathews store in Brisbane this week.  Stocking up on some great 'Ponti' pants for travelling.  Made from fabric does not wrinkle or stretch - amazing but true - so I won't roll off the plane after my 24-hour-journey, only to arrive in the capital of French style looking like the original version of the saggy, baggy elephant.  'Bonjour et Voila! Here is my shrunken elephant suit!' - not for me!

And so I arrived to shop, but then it began - the serious 'vintage lovin', that is.  I had forgotten how much I love the vintage styling of this store!

The wall above their changing rooms is a veritable architectural collage of vintage doors, frames, windows, wall and hardware.  Love!

And I adore the ribbons of cement that are edged with a double or triple moulding painted stark white - industrial commercial meets domestic and traditional.

And as a result of my drooling, I was invited upstairs to view the Marie Claire Up Late installation before it disappeared later that day.

And what did I find when I looked up?  One of my very own, a Vintage Finds light (on the right above) in the midst of the mix of the antique, vintage and industrial.

And the winter light is so clear here in Brisbane, I just wanted to take a few more pics,

of the morning light through the windows, on the pavement,

and up-lighting these pretty succulents.

Hope you're enjoying the start of your week, too!

{all images Vintage Finds, taken by permission Lee Mathews Brisbane}

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