Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Do you Instagram? Join in the fun of #7vignettes!

I first logged in to Instagram about 2 years ago, when it was very new and I newly had my first iphone.  You know, looking around for 'cool apps' to use....  I had a bit of fun with photos but there was no one I knew to share with, and so did very little and actually deleted the app from my phone after awhile.

Well ... a couple of weeks ago I thought I would check out some of my favourite blogs' Instagram feeds, and blow me down - what a party this has turned into!  So, back I go to update my login {you can select my feed from the icon at the right} and join in all the fun!  And I am having a ball following others and checking out their view of the world.

I've also been enticed into joining in the The Interiors Addict competition #7vignettes {details here}.  Each day for seven days, you post a vignette on the seven topics - and above are this month's.  Here's my entries so far - I actually started on Day 2 - #set.

Day 2 timed with me looking at the little set of 'bedtime friends' that Will left on his bed when he went to tennis.  With the beautiful autumnal colours outside I couldn't help but get a pic of them.  Had to play around with the light settings to balance the bright light outside and the dark inside on a rainy day.

Next up on Day 3 was #gold, and I had been sorting my Paris photos in the morning and came across this beautiful one with the golden morning light - classic Fermob Luxembourg chairs in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris.  Perfect!

Now I was committed.  So I was in 'catchup' mode.  Day 1 was missed, #holder.   Several photo searches later and I found some pics I had taken of my desk with all the cannisters of pencils and pins.  So my photo of #holder includes a holder of flowers, a holder of business cards, a holder of pencils, and of paper clips and pins.  Yay, I'm on my way and nearly halfway through.

If you're in Australia, why not have some fun too.  You can catch up as long as the entries are in by midnight on the 7th.  Good luck!  And if you can't enter you can still hashtag along with #7vignettes to join in the fun.  There are some amazingly creative people in this world, and you can view a live feed of creativity.

I know I'm late to this whole Instagram photo party, and would love you to follow my feed, especially as I head overseas.  I'll have far more frequent updates - as quick as I can take a pic!

Have fun,

Oh and PS: let me know if you've joined in the game and I'll check out your pics too!

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